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Re: [PATCH v6] xen: Expose the PMU to the guests

On 13.10.2021 13:58, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Michal Orzel writes ("Re: [PATCH v6] xen: Expose the PMU to the guests"):
>> Ok so it is the matter of adding "HVM" word into status for x86.
>> Is this something that can be done while committing?
> Making changes while committing is risky because they don't get
> properly reviewed.  When I am the committer, I prefer not to do it at
> all.
I fully understand but this is just adding a word "HVM".
It's ok i will push v7
> Also committers are going to be very busy now.  Please don't ask them
> to do extra work.
> Thanks,
> Ian.




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