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Re: [Xen-users] filesystem image of Fedora Core for Xen?


Thank you for your positive remarks.

My response:
I think your project is the way of the future for products like Xen.

I would be proud to put your group's achievment on a server and make it freely available to all interested parties. But I would only do this if your package was compiled into Xen in the form of an Xen-based (your Dom 0 base) system so it could be treated as a COSI distribution or example distribution. Also, I would also make the COSI distribution available on DVD.
Apart from the above I have this digression;

I have been considering the use of installation DVDs as explained above as provided at some small cost and the money used to support Xen development efforts. If this were to happen your group should get some kind of percentage in order to help your instititue advance in this project. But I am not sure how to handle this and think probably the person or organization requesting the DVD -- freely provided -- would be encouraged to make the appropriate donations or whatever was in their means. I don't want to be involved in the money game or caught up into legalities. But I want very much to see certain kinds of Open (and Free) software products advance. In my mind the giving of donations is just a voluntariy form of helping the best one can. I'm only supportive as long as your groups efforts are non proprietary and conform to the GNU Open license and consistent with the Xen license. Free (not for sale free) is desireable but not necessary.

Progress of this first day old proposal of a distribution project:

I am still waiting for volunteers to freely contribute their Dom 0 and DomU builds (with associated sources) in a way suitable as an easily installable product with built in installation instructions. Although it would appear that many think this project of making available Dom 0 and DomU distributions is a neat way to go. Actually, I expected a fair degree of "flack" but have instead encountered a very positive attitude. But talk is not the kind of action I am looking for. Also, everyone that makes a contribution (in the way of creating an installable installation downloaded from the server) get's that particular distribution named after them and hopefully would maintain that distribution on the server I freely provide. Please refer to the entire flow of email on this subject that sprouted from and more or less took over from the "filesystem image of Fedora Core for Xen" thread, which was unintentional, sorry.

Perhaps someone can come up with a new thread name that adequately conveys what this project proposal is all about.

Thanks -- Ted
PS: I'm of the persuation that all information on absolutely everything should be open and available to everyone but am willing to allow for the amortization of that cost of developing through the disseminating of that information. I include in that NEWS, medical research, software development, and "virtually" every kind of information that progresses human evolution according to the Divine Plan. I don't believe in patents. I don't believe in copyrights that put people in a possession on ownership over information. Enough!

Michael McCabe wrote:

I'm a member of a group of students from the COSI (Clarkson Open Source Institute) that has been working on creating a special distinct distribution for use in dom0. We hope to have something available by early next week.


Eric S. Johansson wrote:

Mark Williamson wrote:

So you're proposing a special distinct distribution for use in dom0?

sounds like it to me.  I vote for xentoo as the first distribution...

--- eric

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