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RE: [Xen-users] lvm/xen too many files opened

> I have hopefully a quick question for the Xen masters out 
> there. I have a few xen domains running on moderate hardware 
> (x86 p4 with HT). The unprivileged domains are running on a 
> LVM snapshots of a template to save time in deploying test 
> domains. While running nessus inside one of the domains, 
> there seems to be an issue with too many files getting opened 
> and my LVM snapshot (really a CowFS in this sense) becomes 
> unusable and unrepairable so i cannot rebind to a new domain. 
> Has anyone else run into this or know how to prevent this 
> from happening? I understand you may point a finger at LVM, 
> and if that is the case, i don't mind you telling me that ;)

It's LVM. The dm-snap driver could certainly do with some work. It
generally works OK unless a snapshot ever runs out of space, but I
wouldn't totally trust it.

Does anyone know if its actively being developed? If not, we may have to
invest some effort...


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