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Re: [Xen-users] Xen and ways to install

Am Mittwoch, den 20.04.2005, 20:53 +0200 schrieb Toens Bueker:
> Nils Toedtmann <xen-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > 3) Mount the empty rootdir for the new installation and install the rpm
> > packages into it. "rpm" itself cannot resolve dependancies (so it's
> > package list has to be "dependancy-complete"), but yum and apt-for-rpm
> > can:
> > 
> >   rpm    --root           $ROOTDIR $COMPLETE_LIST_OF_RPM_PACKAGES
> > 
> >   yum    --installroot    $ROOTDIR $LIST_OF_RPM_PACKAGES
> > 
> >   apt-get -o RPM::RootDir=$ROOTDIR $LIST_OF_RPM_PACKAGES
> > 
> > After doing so, create/edit the usual files (fstab, hosts, resolv.conf,
> > inittab, network-configuration, ...), rename /lib/tls, umount & boot. 
> > 
> > I install all my RH/FC/CentOS VMs with apt-get.
> OK. Thus there are basically two ways of installing
> Linux-based dom-Us (booting a pre-generated image or
> bootstrapping via net-install/apt-get). 

I'd say there is a third way: booting a domU with a installer initrd and
an empty image (maybe you have to export a disk (sda) instead of a
partition (sda1) because that the installer may want to fdisk it). This
worked at least for RH8. The advantage over yum/apt is that it's really
independant from the dom0 distro.

And (see Jeff's skript) you could just "cp -a" a working rootdir.

> BTW: Can Gentoo be bootstrapped like this?

Gentoo has a unique forth way: it supplies a minimalistic chroot ("stage
{1|2}") as build environment. So it can bootstrap from any dom0 distro.
The the other replies for links.

> But how can Net- and FreeBSD be installed (on a
> Linux-based dom-0)? Since I've downloaded the Demo-CD,
> I've seen, that it's possible. 
> I guess, that the *BSD-images, which are included on the
> Demo-Cd, can be used for "normal" installations as well,
> right (although on the Demo-CD these are cow-volumes)?

Correct, i run the FreeBSD image with a kernel from Kip. You have to
bootstrap from a running FreeBSD (like such a domU) with "make
buildworld; make DESTDIR=/mnt installworld" to install a new FreeBSD
system into "/mnt". I tried to do this in my domU FreeBSD but failed
(yet ;) Probably my fault.

I do not know NetBSD, but i guess it's similar.

Maybe there is a nice {Free|Net}BSD installer initrd?


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