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Re: [Xen-users] multiple vif's/bridges

hm, tcpdump from external -> eth3 of dom0 looks fine

tcpdump from exteran -> eth1 of domU = no reply

tcpdump from eth3 -> ext = fine

tcpdump from eth3->domU ... the ping says it's ok, but tcpdump shows nothing

likewise domU->eth3 ... says it's pinging, but tcpdump shows nothing

so is what's happening here is both sides pinging the bridge, but nothing is going through? i have this in dmesg:

device vif1.0 entered promiscuous mode
xen-br0: port 1(vif1.0) entering learning state
xen-br0: topology change detected, propagating
xen-br0: port 1(vif1.0) entering forwarding state
device vif1.1 entered promiscuous mode
xen-br1: port 2(vif1.1) entering learning state
xen-br1: topology change detected, propagating
xen-br1: port 2(vif1.1) entering forwarding state

so that looks good ...

i'm not supposed to make the domU gateway the same as the domO nic or anything am i?

perhaps that dump information will clarify the problem ...

i hope =)

On Mon, 2 May 2005, Mark Doll wrote:

Hi Andrew!

andrew mathes wrote:
ok, so, ... brctl show shows this:

xen-br0         8000.001143fd7101       no              eth0
xen-br1         8000.001143fd7102       no              eth3

so obviously the interfaces are bound to the correct bridges, i just
can't reach any of the interfaces through the second bridge (eth0 isn't
plugged in ...)

This looks good. So since it worked for me, check if

- all interfaces are up including (the unconfigured) eth3 in domain0
- eth1 of domain10 (domain11, domain12) and the external host connected
to eth3 of domain0 are configured with the same IP subnet
- make shure that spoof protection makes no problems, so better disable
it by setting /proc/sys/net/conf/*/rp_filter to 0
- the bridge is in forwarding state? With dmesg you should see something

xen-br1: port 1(vif10.1) entering learning state
xen-br1: topology change detected, propagating
xen-br1: port 1(vif10.1) entering forwarding state

and so on for the other vifs

For debugging you should use something simpler than ssh. I always use
"ping" together with "tcpdump". I. e. in domain0 use "tcpdump -eni eth3
icmp or arp") to check how far the address resolution and the ping
packets go and if answers are coming in. Try this on all hosts.
Sometimes a broadcast ping, i. e. "ping -b" if your network
is, or "ping -I eth0 -b" if eth0 is on the
subet you wish to check, is more robust in the presence of misconfigured
IP addresses.


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