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Re: [Xen-users] multiple vif's/bridges

Hi Andrew!

andrew mathes wrote:
> hm, tcpdump from external -> eth3 of dom0 looks fine
> tcpdump from exteran -> eth1 of domU = no reply
> tcpdump from eth3 -> ext = fine
> tcpdump from eth3->domU ... the ping says it's ok, but tcpdump shows
> nothing
> likewise domU->eth3 ... says it's pinging, but tcpdump shows nothing

Run tcpump on xen-br1 instead of eth3 and you should see the ICMP packets.

> so is what's happening here is both sides pinging the bridge, but
> nothing is going through?  i have this in dmesg:
> device vif1.0 entered promiscuous mode
> xen-br0: port 1(vif1.0) entering learning state
> xen-br0: topology change detected, propagating
> xen-br0: port 1(vif1.0) entering forwarding state
> device vif1.1 entered promiscuous mode
> xen-br1: port 2(vif1.1) entering learning state
> xen-br1: topology change detected, propagating
> xen-br1: port 2(vif1.1) entering forwarding state
> so that looks good ...


> i'm not supposed to make the domU gateway the same as the domO nic or
> anything am i?

dom0 isn't a gateway (forwarding is disabled). Bridging runs entirely on
layer 2 (Ethernet), not layer 3 (IP).

> perhaps that dump information will clarify the problem ...
> i hope =)

Not really. I have ne idea where the mistake in your config is. :-(


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