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[Xen-users] xm save while VM is writing once per second?

I must not be understanding something trivial that I cannot
find in the documentation.

I am running Xen 2.0.5 with Fedora Core 3 successfully.

I have a VM (VM4) running a test shell script that loops
infinitely while writing the date and a counter every
second (to /tmp/counter).

The entire VM is using a file-backed VBD for all storage
(/vm-images/vm-4-disk acting as sda1 to the VM).

Running 'xm save VM4 /vm-images/vm4.save' from dom0
never returns (well, I have been staring at it for 5
minutes now).

'xm save VM4 /vm-images/vm4.save' works fine without the
looping script writing to /tmp/counter every second.

Somebody clue me in?

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