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[Xen-users] Suggestion for Documentation Addition and Question about serial Ports

My server is equipped with a serial console which i now got fully working
under Xen. However it was not clear to me after reading the documentation
point 2.4.2 (Serial Console) that the ttyS0 device would be provided by 
Xen and therefore i need to remove the serial port driver from my linux
kernel. I therefore suggest adding a notice about that.

However: What happens if i have two serial ports and would like to use the
second one from the kernel? It seems to me that upon loading the serial port
driver in the kernel it would detect both serial ports and will try to
access the serial port blocked by Xen. This will lead to errors. Maybe the
Xen patch should also make the serial port occupied by Xen invisible to the
dom0 kernel?


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