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RE: [Xen-users] Suggestion for Documentation Addition and Questionabout serial Ports

> My server is equipped with a serial console which i now got 
> fully working under Xen. However it was not clear to me after 
> reading the documentation point 2.4.2 (Serial Console) that 
> the ttyS0 device would be provided by Xen and therefore i 
> need to remove the serial port driver from my linux kernel. I 
> therefore suggest adding a notice about that.
> However: What happens if i have two serial ports and would 
> like to use the second one from the kernel? It seems to me 
> that upon loading the serial port driver in the kernel it 
> would detect both serial ports and will try to access the 
> serial port blocked by Xen. This will lead to errors. Maybe 
> the Xen patch should also make the serial port occupied by 
> Xen invisible to the dom0 kernel?

This should all work as you describe in the unstable (3.0) series.


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