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Re: [Xen-users] Confusion about dist/install/boot/ and Xen kernels

> > According to the User's Guide, the kernel for domain 0 is
> > xen-2.0-testing.gz.  My question is: What are the other kernel images? 
> > Why are there symlinks for them?  And is there a System.map for the
> > xen-2.0-testing.gz kernel?
> 1) xen-2.0-testing.gz is the Xen hypervisor. It is the one that boots the
> machine in grub config file with label "kernel".

Yup.  This file is Xen itself.  It's the lowest layer of software in the 
system.  You need it but it's not much use on its own - you also need a 
kernel for domain 0 (usually Linux).

> 2) vmlinuz-2.6.11-9-xen0 is the kernel for domain 0, and should be called
> by xen-2.0.gz for starting domain0, with label "module" in the grub config.

This is a xen0 Linux kernel.  The xen0 suffix means it can run in domain 0 or 
in a domU.  You'll need to pass this to Xen at startup (as Fernando says).

> 3) vmlinuz-2.6.11-9-xenU is the kernel that should be used to boot the
> other domains, the guests. Usually, it is in the /etc/xen/domU config
> file as "kernel" parameter.

This kernel is a bit smaller than the xen0 kernel but can only run in domUs.  
You may want to use it in your guests, or you can just use the xen0 kernel 

The symlinks are just there to give a stable name when the version numbers 
change.  There's no System.map file for xen-2.0-testing.gz because that's 
Xen, not Linux and Xen doesn't have a System.map file.


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