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Re: [Xen-users] Sharing filesystems between VMs.

> > > You need a cluster file system like GFS, OCFS, etc., or just NFS.
> >
> > Yes, if you want write sharing.  Exporting read only is fine, though.
> Do other domains with it mounted r/o notice changes from the write
> domain immediately?

With a cluster filesystem this sort of thing should be possible.  I'm not sure 
exactly what coherency guarantees they provide (NFS in particular sometimes 
takes a while to notice changes but it's a very different technology to the 
other two).

The reason you can't do this with a "normal" filesystem (like ext, Reiser, 
etc) is that it won't expect the data to change under it - when it does, 
it'll look like massive disk corruption and it will get very unhappy.

> If so then I could use this to mitigate my backup strategy problem
> mentioned in an earlier email, where I couldn't use LVM snapshots.



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