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Re: [Xen-users] New user question...

>         I am trying to run a simple ttylinux as a domU
>         ( from sf.net/xen )


>         /etc/xen/ttyconf looks like what the Xen 2.0 documentation
>         suggests
>         kernel = "/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.11-1.1369_FC4xenU"
>         memory = 64
>         name = "ttylinux"
>         nics=1ip=""
>         disk=['file:/tftpboot,sda1,w'] .................#the Xen doc
>         says /path/to/ttylinux/rootfs
>         root="/dev/sda1 ro"
>         [root@localhost tftpboot]# xm create ttyconf1 -c vmid=2
>         Using config file "/etc/xen/ttyconf1".
>         Error: Error creating domain: vbd: Segment not found:
>         uname=file:/tftpboot
>         i untarred the ttylinux.bz2 in the empty tftpboot directory (not
>         for any particular reason)
>         [root@localhost ~]# ls /tftpboot
>         bin  dev  etc  init  lib  linux-install  loopfs  proc  sbin  sys
>         sysroot  ttylinux

Are you sure the tftpboot directory was empty?  ttylinux.bz2 is not a tar 
file, just a compressed file - all it should have left behind it the file 
"ttylinux".  I don't know where the other directories came from :-)

The file: directive needs to point to the disk file itself, not to a 
directory.  Could you please try:

Let us know how you get on!


>         what is that i need to change ..the domU is from an FC4 Rpm and
>         i have not been able to run from a physical device as root fs
>         either ,the kernel starts booting and stops at freeing unused
>         memory..156K..which from the FAQ i saw was related to initrd
>         could not fix it that way.....so just waiting for help
>         Digz
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