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Re: [Xen-users] New user question...


Thanks to everyone for clearing up those questions.  :-)

OK, so I have a Pentium 4 machine with a few NICs and a couple of hard drives sitting here that I would like to turn into a Xen box.

Where should I start? I need to first select a distribution of Linux, right?

Clearly, I will need to learn a great deal about how modern computer hardware and operating systems work.

Are there any Xen/Linux tutorials that I can follow that not only provide the steps, but also explain the "what" and "why"?

I did read parts of the book "Code" by Charles Petzold a few years back, and so I still have *cloudy* recollection of how logic gates and such might be combined to do useful work. Though, that's about it with regard to low-level knowledge.

So, to summarize:

Xen looks really cool.  But were should I begin?

-- David

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