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Re: [Xen-users] Xen network question

Hi Damjan,

Damjan Rems wrote:

>I am no expert to Linux or Xen. Runing Xen on Suse
>Network scenario:
>Dom0 eth0 ip= mask=,
>I would like to setup domU eth0 ip= domU
>should also have access to Internet. I was able to
>follow instructions by Gregorz in previous posts but
>the best I could get was:
>1. I could ping domU from dom0, but not dom0 from
>domU. If I disable firewall I can ping from both
>sites. But this should not be OK.
>2. I can not get to Internet even from dom0. Look like
>gateway address (route) is lost.
>For dom0 I was using:
>brctl addbr xen-br0
>ip addr brd scope global
>dev xen-br0
>route del -net eth0
>route add -net xen-br0
>brctl addif xen-br0 eth0
Before I start, it#s been a long time since I had a look at a SuSE
System, might be, that their directory structure is somewhat different.
Also I don't know as to how much influence yast has on your configuration.

Actually, there is a script from Xen itself that should do all the
networking stuuf itself. When I tried it just worked. ->
/etc/xen/scripts/* Xen should use these scripts automatically. I think
they are set as default in /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp

This is what it looks like:
# The script used to start/stop networking for xend.
(network-script    network)
# The default bridge that virtual interfaces should be connected to.
(vif-bridge        xen-br0)
# The default script used to control virtual interfaces.
(vif-script        vif-bridge)

As for your commands, can you please post

/etc/network/interfaces (both, dom0 and domU)

What does the output of "route" look like? Should look something like

Destination     Gateway         Genmask     Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface                  *            U          0 
     0        0 xen-br0
default               gw.d.tld         UG        0      
0        0 xen-br0

Looks like the routing is not configured in the correct way. Did you
configure a default gateway?

e.g. route add default gw ...?



>For domU I was using:
>ifconfig eth0
>What am I doing wrong?
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