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[Xen-users] Cardbus support


I've just started experimenting with Xen. 

I have a cardbus PCI adapter, with a prism54 cardbus WIFI card in it.
Using xen-2.0.[67], the domain0 kernel finds the cardbus adapter
(yenta), but not the prism54 card. Using (nearly) the same kernel
(2.6.11 instead of xen's patched 2.6.11-10), the prism54 card will be found.

I've searched the archives, and found a few old posts from 12-2004 about
cardbus cards not being found due to the way the PCI bus was handled.
Judging from a quick glance at the current code, this should no longer be
the case.

Is it correct that this card will not work with xen-2.0.x? Does it work
with my adapter in testing/unstable? Or should I be looking at something
else first?

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