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Re: [Xen-users] Re: Cardbus support

> > I have a cardbus PCI adapter, with a prism54 cardbus WIFI card in
> > it. Using xen-2.0.[67], the domain0 kernel finds the cardbus adapter
> > (yenta), but not the prism54 card. Using (nearly) the same kernel
> > (2.6.11 instead of xen's patched 2.6.11-10), the prism54 card will
> > be found.

> No one? Basically, all I need to know is, if the yenta pci-to-cardbus
> bridge + prism54 card *should* work in xen-2.0.X. If so, I'll spend
> some more time finding out what could be the problem. If not, then I
> won't have to spend lots of time trying to isolate the cause in vain.

If no one's replied by now, that probably means you're the first to try
it, which in turn means we don't know whether it should work or not.
Some drivers do kooky things that they shouldn't do and that cause them
to break under Xen without modification, but without trying them out we
don't know. As you may have noticed, laptops do not form a large
fraction of Xen's deployment base, so there are fewer users to shout up
when things go wrong. Perhaps try unstable? If that doesn't help, one of
the devs more familiar with that end of the code might be able to help
you find out what's going on.

So the short answer is that everything *should* work, but as we know,
that isn't always the case.

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