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Re: [Xen-users] Question about memory

NovusOrdo wrote:
> I am trying to setup Xen on a machine with only 384mb or RAM. I need
> three virtual servers and would like each to have at least 128MB of
> RAM.

You need more RAM. You're not accounting for the memory set aside for
Xen itself, let alone domain 0's RAM requirements. Right now, assuming a
minimalist dom0, you might be able to eke out 80-90 MB per unprivileged

> I am unsure as to wether  the amount of memory I can give each
> virtual server is limited to totalling to the system's memory or can
> be up to the host systems memory for each virtual server.

Xen does no paging of its own. It deals in physical RAM exclusively.
Individual domains may page as they see fit, but Xen neither knows about
it, nor does it care.

Derrik Pates

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