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Re: [Xen-users] Xen + VServer

> What advantage does Vserver have compared to Xen â why should it make
> sense to use both?
> I never looked into Vserver, so every information is welcome.

Everyone else seems to have given a pretty good account of this, but I'll give 
my summary anyhow:

Adv of Xen over VServer:
* Stronger isolation
* Stronger accounting
* Heterogeneous guests
* Live migration

Adv of VServer over Xen:
* Very simple to manipulate guest filesystems
* Maximal resource sharing
* Don't have to "preallocate" disk space and memory space
* Even lower performance penalty (though for many workloads it won't make 
much / any difference)

Similar arguments apply to Solaris Zones and FreeBSD Jails (both of which are 
similar to VServer) in functionality.


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