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Re: [Xen-users] Trying to build a stable XEN server

> Disable USB in the bios and things will be stable. It is a known problem
> with a number of Dells, but as yet there is no official fix as far as I
> know. Once USB is disabled it'll be solid as a rock.

This is some weird Dell thing; Linux does a workaround to avoid the problem 
but it wasn't (originally) available in Xen.  I *thought* that recent 
releases would Just Work...

Anyhow, disabling the USB in the BIOS fixes the problem, as does (in Xens with  
the fix) adding "noirqbalance" to the command line.

Max: the 2.6 port of Linux is also stable, it's just a matter of preference 
really.  Which OS you run in dom0 shouldn't matter for this problem under 


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