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Re: [Xen-users] Resource temporarily unavailable on starting a vmx-domain

Patrick Scharrenberg schrieb:

>> as far as in know are vmx domains only useful (or generally
>> usable) on machines with VT enabled 64bit CPU's. maybe the
>> missing resource is the right cpu ? :)
> In the "VMX-Status"-mails in xen-devel you can see that it is
> possible to run vmx-domains on ia32 hardware. Or did I get
> something wrong there?

hm, i think, the intel guys are talking about ia32 domU's running as
Last posting reads:

>> We have test latest xen on VT platform with Intel 915 chipset and
>> Here is the test summary: IA32: ...

don't get confused about xen0, also privileged domains can be started
instead of xenU's (well, you'll have to hide some hardware from them)

btw. i'll bet, the hardware used at the intel lab's isn't spread widely :)



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