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[Xen-users] Again: tcp/ip traffic between domU and dom0 does not work

Hi there,

I still face my unsolved problem. I have debian 3.1 xen3 dom0 and domU
using vif-route. Dom0 has two network cards (eth0 .100.100,
eth2 .102.100) and a vifx-interface .102.100. DomU is .130.1. I am able
to interconnect everything in intranet and internet from both dom0 and
domU but nearly to traffic can be interchanged between the doms. The
only thing that seems to work is to ping each other. Sometimes I tried
to telnet port 25 and the SMTP server (postfix) answers the call. But
after the welcome message to information reaches the other host anymore.

Please help me, otherwise I eat my basecap....   ;-)

Kind regards,

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