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Re: [Xen-users] Xen 3.0 on Ubuntu Dapper

> Just a quick update (sorry for the spam, I'm hoping at least a couple folks
> are interested in Xen 3.x on Dapper...)

I did get a few positive responses so I hope it's okay to continue this
thread here.  If not, I can move it to ubuntu-users.

> I'll be trying to merge this with the Dapper changes.

The Dapper changes merged with changeset 16045 pretty well.  My first shot
is here:


Note this is a temporary link.  If the project takes off, I'll probably
create my own repository (unless I can talk someone into merging it into the
Ubuntu sources...)

To play along at home, clone the Xen linux-2.6-xen.hg repository and revert
it to changeset 16045 (hg update -m -C 16045) and then apply the patch.

A couple of notes:

This code seems to boot and run on my Centrino laptop fine, and I can start
a domU machine.  But BEWARE: xenstored OOPSes the kernel on shutdown in the
kernel function zap_pte_range.

The only major hitch was the SMP alternative code, which seems to have been
pulled in by both Xen and Ubuntu using similar but incompatible versions of
the patch.  I've decided to use the Ubuntu version for now but I don't think
it makes much difference either way.

I've only compiled the i386 platform.  The x86-64 platform is sure to have
the same issues that I had to fix for i386.

I've made no attempt (yet) to fix or port any of the out-of-tree Ubuntu
drivers, as I don't use them on my current machine.

Oh, and ... huge thanks to the Xen team.  What a wonderful tool!

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 this would be a better world."
        -- Garrison Keillor, "Lake Wobegon Days"

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