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Re: [Xen-users] New Wiki Page: IntelVT


>Are there docs on how use VT with Xen 3.0.1?
not much more than in the official XEN-docu!

One thing that seems to important is that you have to free up enough memory for the VMs in dom0 (dom0_mem or xm mem-set) before trying to start vmx-guests. For me it is not working like it does with domU-Linux-system that dom0 just gives the memory the VM needs!

SDL sometimes it working very bad (I tried it on a Xeon-system and it's mostly unusable slow, while it works quite good on a iP4-system), VNC also is quite bad for me, because keybord and mouse are not working correctly and the system is very slow! RDP ist working good, but only can be used if the (Windows-)installation is complete!

And finaly if I'm right informed save/restore and migrate does not yet work with vmx-domains.

Chau y hasta luego,


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