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Re: [Xen-users] Intel VT, Linux & Windows XP

> Am I correct in assuming it will not be possible to run a Linux desktop
> (Gnome for instance) in a Linux VM, while at the same time running a
> Windows XP VM on the same machine (with Intel VT), both on Xen?
> I would expect that one or the other VM would be able to use the
> graphics adapter but not both. Hoping this will be possible though...

VT virtual machines have a virtual display adapter, although I understand it's 
not fully optimised for performance yet.  If you ran them both under VT, 
their virtual displays would appear as windows in dom0, or be exported 
directly via VNC.

If you run a paravirtualised Linux alongside the fully virtualised Windows, 
you'd currently want to export its display directly to the network (use X 
protocol, ssh X forwarding, VNC, NX, or whatever you prefer), since there's 
not currently a virtual graphics device for paravirt guests.


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