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Re: [Xen-users] Intel VT, Linux & Windows XP


>Am I correct in assuming it will not be possible to run a Linux desktop
>(Gnome for instance) in a Linux VM, while at the same time running a
>Windows XP VM on the same machine (with Intel VT), both on Xen?
not if they both are running as unmodified guests and you are using both with SDL because you only can use one client with a local SDL-screen.

But this is not a good option anyway, because Linux runs better as paravirtualised guest and you can access this Linux with ssh, exported X11 or VNC (if installed in Gnome).

And Windows as unmodified guest is not very good usable with a local SDL-screen because it is completely unaccelerated, VNC is not an option too because keyboard and mouse are working quite bad. The best thing to use Windows is using the RDP-protocol, then the performance is quite good and Windows is usable, mostly like it works f.ex. with Citrix!

>I would expect that one or the other VM would be able to use the
>graphics adapter but not both. Hoping this will be possible though...
The graphics-adapter are only virtual and exported via VNC or SDL.

Chau y hasta luego,


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