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Re: [Xen-users] domU lvm and resizing

John S Little wrote:

I have my domU's on an lvm partition 68GB in size. This is created from 1 pv - /dev/sdb1. My domU's are 6GB in size. Using lvextend or lvresize on the domU partitions works nicely as lvdisplay shows the new size. However using df -h inside the domU still shows the original 6GB size as does opening a share on the domU in a windows or linux client. How do I get the new size to be available in the domU?

Same way as resizing any LV ... after extending the LV must resize the filesystem on top of it. Use resize2fs, resize_reiserfs, xfs_growfs, etc.

I have always shut down the domain and run the appropriate filesystem resize command within dom0, if you use an online resizeable filesystem then it may be possible to extend the filesystem within the domU without shutdown ... I wouldn't count on it though.

Definitely do not resize the filesystem from dom0 while the domU is running, I expect that may give the appearance of working but it will likely corrupt your filesystem.

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