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[Xen-users] Re: SuSE 10 dom0 network and console problem

Andreas Buschmann wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a problem getting the domain 0 (dom0) of xen running with
> SuSE 10.
> I have a SuSE 10 installation, which runs.
> When I switch to the xen kernel, the network does not work any more.
> Also the serial console does not work any more.
> If I login to the PC through (a very lousy) KVM, I can do local
> stuff, but the network does not work. (Ok, I can ping my own IP
> Address.) e.g. nslookup does not work.
> I can run "/etc/xen/scripts/network-bridge stop" .
>>From this moment on, I can access the PC with ssh.
> But in this configuration, if I create a new domain, it can not have
> network access.
> My configuration:
> Hardware:
>   IBM xSeries 346 Type 8840
>   Adaptec ServeRAID BIOS v7.10.20
>   2x CPU Intel Xeon 3,0 GHz
>   4 GB RAM
>   4 SCSI disks of 36 GB
> Software:
>   SuSE 10.0, i386_64
>   Minimal system without X11
>   + C/C++ Compiler+Tools
>   + Simple Webserver with Apache
>   Online Update on 20. March 2006
>   pm -q -a | grep xen
>       xen-devel-3.0_8259-0.1
>       kernel-xen-2.6.13-15.8
>       xen-3.0_8259-0.1
>       xen-tools-3.0_8259-0.1
>       kernel-xen-nongpl-2.6.13-15.8
> I tried to follow Kurt Garloff's directions for "Network
> Troubelshooting", but it didn't help me much.
>>>1) choose the 'classic' way of setting up network (no 'NetworkManager'
>>>as offered by Yast)
> I have no idea, what is meant by this.

On 10.0, all network setup is "classic".

For what it's worth, i've got very similar results on my initial
installs of SUSE 10 on a Dell PE850.  If i add the IP address to xenbr0,
it works, but not if the same IP is on eth0 (which is a member of the

If you work out the answer, please post it here!  :-)


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