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[Xen-users] Re: SuSE 10 dom0 network and console problem

Paul Gear wrote:
> Andreas Buschmann wrote:
>>I have a problem getting the domain 0 (dom0) of xen running with
>>SuSE 10.
>>I have a SuSE 10 installation, which runs.
>>When I switch to the xen kernel, the network does not work any more.
>>Also the serial console does not work any more.
>>If I login to the PC through (a very lousy) KVM, I can do local
>>stuff, but the network does not work. (Ok, I can ping my own IP
>>Address.) e.g. nslookup does not work.
>>I can run "/etc/xen/scripts/network-bridge stop" .
>>>From this moment on, I can access the PC with ssh.
>>But in this configuration, if I create a new domain, it can not have
>>network access.
> For what it's worth, i've got very similar results on my initial
> installs of SUSE 10 on a Dell PE850.  If i add the IP address to xenbr0,
> it works, but not if the same IP is on eth0 (which is a member of the
> bridge).
> If you work out the answer, please post it here!  :-)

I reinstalled my test system yesterday (using minimal graphical install
plus Xen), and was able to access the network after booting on Xen.  I
have a suspicion that the problem was that i tried to do a Xen boot
immediately after install, rather than waiting for the first run setup
to complete.


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