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Re: [Xen-users] Xen3.0x support of anything other than linux 2.6.x

On Mar 13, Heiko Wundram wrote:

> Am Sonntag, 12. März 2006 21:27 schrieb Bodek:
> > To be honest - if I this all above is correct - you guys made a step
> > backward with version 3.0. I really dont see how year 2006 would then be
> > "Xen Year" (saw this on the web - some "very well informed" gave his
> > article a title in this sense)
> Xen 3 support for other operating systems (read that, operating systems, not 
> kernel versions) beside Linux 2.6 is in the works, the Xen 3 architecture is 
> barely three months old, so get a grip on yourself and stop whining. This is 
> an open source project after all, so go do it yourself if you're not 
> satisfied.
> Why'd you want to run a 2.4 kernel anyways? Even with CentOS?

same problem for me: I'd like to run (among other Linux distros)
e.g. RH 7.1, RHEL-3, SUSE 9.0 etc. on a (virtual) build server 
to compile software for those platforms...

so far we've tried to run SUSE 9.0 with xen 2.6.x kernel but nfstools failed to 
so right now I still need "real" machines for those 2.4.x based platforms :-(

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