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[Xen-users] Demo Live CD, networking, external IP

This is my first time with Xen.

I was able to boot Debian from Xen 3.0 Demo Live CD and start "Debian Guest" or "CentOS Guest".
I can also change IP address of Domain0, by calling ifconfig.
I can also ping guest from Domain0, by using IP of domU, for instance

What I want to achieve is access to the domU from the outside world.
I've read that it is possible to have external IP (visible from outside) for domU.

I've read http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/XenNetworking, but it's very complex. I probably need vif-bridge. But - if I understand it correctly - it is just a script, which runs each time domU is started. So what exactly do I need to change?

Could you give me working example of bridge configuration for Demo CD?

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