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[Xen-users] Multiple interfaces problem


So far I've been able to configure 6 domains on my server but I want to share 3 NIC among them (eth0, eth1, eth2)

I decided to share one NIC for every two domains in order to balance the traffic.

It works fine for the first four domains, eth0 and eth1 interfaces. When I try to configure eth2 on domU I get the following error:

> Bringing up interface eth2:  Error for wireless request

I created 3 bridges using the following script:

dir=$(dirname "$0")
"$dir/network-bridge" "$@" vifnum=0
"$dir/network-bridge" "$@" vifnum=1
"$dir/network-bridge" "$@" vifnum=2

I also get the right information from ifconfig (xenbr0, xenbr1, xenbr2, etc.)

My domain is configured as follows:

# or more than one interface may be configured:
vif = [ '', 'bridge=xenbr2' ]

#vif = [ '' ]

My server is Centos 4.2, kernel PAE, 8 CPUs, 3 identical ethernet interfaces.

I already tried to increase loopback.nloopbacks=16 without success

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance for any help

David Eusse


David F. Eusse Uribe
Gerente General

Calipso Proveedor Internet
Servicios Profesionales y Empresariales de Internet



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