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Re: [Xen-users] DVD-R/RW in DomU

>>Whatエs the best way to have my DVD-R/RW burner working in a DomU? Just
>>'phy:hdc,hdc,w' would do it? or thereエs some other way?
>It's not that simple; a DVD burner needs extra control codes that our 
>virtual disk device driver does not support. The best you could do would be 
>to give the domU control of the IDE controller itself, but as it probably 
>has your hard drive on it's probably not the best way :-/
>You'll probably want to find some compromise using other features in the 
>system (e.g. mkisofs on a partition, then unmount that partition in the 
>guest, mount it in dom0, then burn in dom0. You could make this work via a 
>script which the guest could call).

Maybe using iSCSI or AoE would help, but I dont figure any usage.

             --- Okajima, Jun. Tokyo, Japan.

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