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Re: [Xen-users] DVD-R/RW in DomU

On Segunda 03 Abril 2006 07:03, M.A. Williamson wrote:
>  >WhatÂs the best way to have my DVD-R/RW burner working in a DomU?
>  > Just 'phy:hdc,hdc,w' would do it? or thereÂs some other way?
>  It's not that simple; a DVD burner needs extra control codes that
> our virtual disk device driver does not support. The best you could
> do would be to give the domU control of the IDE controller itself,
> but as it probably has your hard drive on it's probably not the best
> way :-/

        My DomU already has the control of the SATA device, and work really 
fine. But as you said, the hardrive and the DVD-RW are on the IDE 
controller. :-(

        Jun suggested iSCSI or AoE, but I could not find a implementation 
"ready for production". Anyone tried this before?

        IÂm trying to avoid using Dom0. Everything is working in DomUs, 
including the "file server".

p.s. please, it is possible to configure the mailing list server to 
include a "reply-to" pointing to the list address? If you just reply to 
a msg it goes to the sender and not to the list.

Christian Lyra


  ``Let the programmers be many and the managers few - then all will be 
                                                The Tao Of Programing

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