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[Xen-users] new box, won't boot domU

I just set up a new box that has been giving me trouble since I first cloned 
the xen repo to it.

I started off with "error: can't find a register in class 'BREG' while 
reloading 'asm'" errors that I fixed by changing my gcc profile(gentoo) to 
nopie. That introduced me to a '__guard' error that I fixed by changing my gcc 
profile to nopiesse. I will note for posterity that this was a new Gentoo 
install onto a old celeron with gcc 3.4.5-r1.

Now I've booted dom0 and have a file backed image that I'm trying to boot. I'm 
typing this from mutt running on a domU of a box sitting 4 foot away from the 
offending system, so I thought I'd be able to set it up without issue. 

My conversation looks like this:

backlash xen # xend start
backlash xen # xm create gdom1
Using config file "gdom1".
Error: Received invalid response from Xend, twice.
backlash xen # xend stop
backlash xen #

I truncated /var/log/xend.log beforehand and am including the entire dump of 
xend.log for the transcript above.

I think the below are the relevant bits:

[2006-04-03 13:26:22 xend.XendDomainInfo] INFO (XendDomainInfo:211) Recreating 
domain 8, UUID 39a4ef13-b02a-d201-dd37-081c6b99570a.
[2006-04-03 13:26:22 xend.XendDomainInfo] DEBUG (XendDomainInfo:199) 
XendDomainInfo.recreate({'paused': 1, 'cpu_time': 0L, 'ssidref': 0, 'handle': 
[57, 164, 239, 19, 176, 42, 210, 1, 221, 55, 8, 28, 107, 153, 87, 10], 
'shutdown_reason': 0, 'dying': 0, 'dom': 9, 'mem_kb': 65536, 'maxmem_kb': 
65536, 'max_vcpu_id': 0, 'crashed': 0, 'running': 0, 'shutdown': 0, 
'online_vcpus': 1, 'blocked': 0})
[2006-04-03 13:26:22 xend.XendDomainInfo] INFO (XendDomainInfo:211) Recreating 
domain 9, UUID 39a4ef13-b02a-d201-dd37-081c6b99570a.
[2006-04-03 13:26:22 xend] ERROR (XendDomain:209) Failed to recreate 
information for domain 9.  Destroying it in the hope of recovery.
Traceback (most recent call last):
line 203, in refresh
 line 235, in recreate
    vm = XendDomainInfo(xeninfo, domid, dompath, True, priv)
 line 433, in __init__
 line 564, in validateInfo
 line 1139, in check_name
    raise VmError("VM name '%s' is used in both domains %d and %d" %
VmError: VM name 'Domain-8' is used in both domains 9 and 8
[2006-04-03 13:26:22 xend] INFO (SrvServer:114) unix 
[2006-04-03 13:26:22 xend.XendDomainInfo] DEBUG (XendDomainInfo:864) 
[2006-04-03 13:26:22 xend.XendDomainInfo] DEBUG (XendDomainInfo:864) 
[2006-04-03 13:26:34 xend] INFO (SrvDaemon:185) Xend stopped due to signal 15.

Afterwards(before the xend stop), I'm left with a paused Domain-8 in xm list.

Can I enable more debugging?

What should I attempt next?

Is it likely that this is related to the compiler profile I had to choose to 
get "make world" to complete(nopiesse)?

Any help appreciated.

Andrew Thompson

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