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Re: [Xen-users] Does VT have any benefits for paravirtualization?

> Seems like currently VT is used to provide full virtualizaton, but may
> it help somehow for increasing modified OS performance?
> As far as I understand, it may improve CPU sharing even for
> para-virtualization, isn't it?

It's not currently used in the paravirtualised case.

In the future we may experiment with exposing varying amounts of the 
paravirtualisation API to a fully virtualised guest through paravirtualised 
drivers.  And conversely, we may use the hypercall transfer page to cause a 
Xen-aware guest to execute a certain amount of hardware-assist rather than 
explicit hypercalls.

Also, there are likely to be some features (tagged TLB, perhaps?) which might 
be leveraged by Xen in the paravirt case, or even by guest OSes (in which 
case we'd need to virtualise that too...!).


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