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Re: [Xen-users] cluster filesystems

Quoting "Christopher G. Stach II" <cgs@xxxxxxxxx>:
Andrej Radonic wrote:
this may be a stupid question but what do you mean by "In Xen it's
really simple" as opposed to the SAN approach?
OCFS2 is "just" a filesystem, it doesn't seem to be a way of
distributing blockdevices via ethernet like NFS does.
So what is the point in using OCFS2 in conjunction with Xen without a SAN or iSCSI or multipath infrastructure?
If I understood Brock correctly he is looking for a robust and probably
high-performance (and cheap) alternative to NFS (I am too...).
Thanks ahead for some "enlightening" thoughts.

The difference is between sharing between physical machines over a network vs. sharing between virtual machines in a single physical machine.

Yes, that's precisely what I meant. Ocfs2 in my situation is
a replacement for NFS for sharing files between domU's on
the same physical server. I basically virtualize the SAN,
but this only works for the domU's that exist on the same
physical server.

If you have different physical servers that need a shared
storage (for performance or high availability reasons) then,
as far as I know, you need to spend big money on a SAN, or
iSCSI, etc.


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