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Re: [Xen-users] cluster filesystems

Peter Fokkinga wrote:

The difference is between sharing between physical machines over a network vs. sharing between virtual machines in a single physical machine.

Yes, that's precisely what I meant. Ocfs2 in my situation is
a replacement for NFS for sharing files between domU's on
the same physical server. I basically virtualize the SAN,
but this only works for the domU's that exist on the same
physical server.

If you have different physical servers that need a shared
storage (for performance or high availability reasons) then,
as far as I know, you need to spend big money on a SAN, or
iSCSI, etc.

We are implementing some of the first Panasas cluster storage devices in the UK, for a govt. client and for the North West Grid. I should imagine the direct-flow client which Panasas provide would run well under Xen, and it would be fun to try. Drop me an email if you are interested in seeing how this performs on clusters.


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