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Re: [Xen-users] cluster filesystems

At 04:07 PM 4/11/2006, you wrote:
eah ocfs2 is a file system, I realized the miss wording after i replied my apologies. Im thinking yes they would have to be files, which isnt ideal, but again im looking for migration with survivability in a block device (host) failing.

Which is why I think GNBD is a good solution, especially if you want block devices instead of a network/cluster filesystem. I understand, as I'm trying to get the same thing going... You would have 2 servers running drbd0.8 (active-active) and GNBD multipath. I think this might be the only truly fault tolerant solution that doesn't use a network/cluster filesystem. You can accomplish the same thing with drbd0.7, but it takes more fiddling and you loose multipath.

active active drbd would still require a cluster file system such as ocfs2

Or GNBD, which is a cluster aware way of exporting block devices. Multiple dom0's can then access all of the block devices, allowing for live migration.

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