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[Xen-users] Hardware compatibility - Dell Inspiron 6400 or thinkpad t60?

Since a while I am curious to buy a machine with hardware virtualization support. Finally, they start to become available here in Germany.

So, I want to get such a machine. I want to buy a dell inspiron 6400 or an IBM thinkpad T60 which are said to have such a mobile processor with hardware virtualization - does anybody have experiences with these?

Looking in the Hardware compatibility page in the wiki, and the one which is linked from the xensource.com download page(results from xen test cd, seems not be updated since a while), I see that there is not even a single machine listed as compatible with xen which has one of the new core duo pentium D 9xx processors or the centrino duo processors which are said to have hardware virtualization.

Can, in general the support for unmodified guest in xen as well as in the hardware that can be bought really be called mature, and ready for production?


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