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Re: [Xen-users] Strange Network Problem

I am using xen-3.0.2 in Centos-4.2 Dom-0 and have the below line in my
config file

vif = ['mac=aa:00:00:4b:46:8f, bridge=xenbr0, vifname=myvps']

which works fine for me. I have configured 3 ips on this dom-U and I am
ale to communicate using each ips.


shi bai wrote:

> hi friends,
> i have installed xen 3.02  and domain0. i setup a Sarge as domainU.
> All are smooth.
> However i couldn't set the vif = [ ' ' ] parameter in the
> configuration file.  i have tried hundreds of methods :)  however  it
> said " invalid syntax " .  Another word, if i comment the vif, i could
> create the domainU and enter ,but without network.
> If i use the vif, the xm create give me the above error. 
> And i could use the "dhcp" parameter also.  it seems there is
> something wrong with my xen?  i am puzzles , please help  ,
> thanks in advance
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