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Re: [Xen-users] Xen Partition Performance

Michael Lessard wrote:
> Could you explain your setup ? 
> exemple :
>  SAN-CORAID  ->  SERVER (AOE, LVM, NFS)  -> Server #1 XEN
> -> Server #2 XEN

The machine in question is a loner and no migration is involved (at the
moment.)  It's a prototype test environment for our production systems,
and bits of it may be used in the next iteration of the production

It's simply Ultra320 SCSI RAID 5 (should be RAID 10) inside of a single
server.  Domain0 (deadline scheduler) has its typical partitions for
/boot, swap, /, /usr, /var.  It also has a partition for LVM, inside of
which are all of the LVs for each domU.  They mostly consist of ext3,
but there's one swap LV for each VM and a few raw LVs for MySQL.  A few
of those LVs are GFS and shared between multiple groups of VMs.

If I had a SAN to use for this, it would look the same, except I'd use CLVM.

Christopher G. Stach II

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