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Re: [Xen-users] IpTables config file for Dom0

Am Dienstag 25 April 2006 18:34 schrieb Molle Bestefich:
> Non-GUI-managed firewalls?
> When was that considered practical.. circa 1980?

Huh? I don't use a GUI to manage our firewall, and that's pretty standard for 
all organizations I know around here. Using a GUI to manage a firewall (and 
hiding the inherent complexity that a firewall always is), is more errorprone 
than an administrator who knows what he's doing and can reasonably 
efficiently see what parts of the system a change to the firewall rules would 
affect, additionally, an administrator can compute much shorter rulesets than 
an equivalent automated tool.

Of course, this only applies to one-level firewalling; if you have two or more 
levels, a helper certainly is in order, especially if you need to trace 
packet paths. But a GUI? Why?

Anyway, I'd happily post our /etc/sysconfig/iptables (which is pretty standard 
stuff), if there was such a beast under Gentoo, but alas, there isn't. It's 
not RedHat.

--- Heiko.

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