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Re: [Xen-users] NAT wont work in FC4

Have you tried routed networking (vif-route) ?
It should work well for your setup.

Mito wrote:

> I have tried everything that I can think of, and still can’t come up
> with something that works.
> Has anyone been able to get this to work that can possibly show me
> what you did? It doesn’t have to be on any versions of fedora, I just
> want to be able to see a setup that works so I can compare it to mine
> to see what’s wrong!
> Thanks!
> Mito
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> Ok, so I know that there has been a couple of questions asked recently
> about NAT in Xen, but even after going through those, I still can’t
> get this to work.
> I’m still new to Xen, but I believe what I want to do should be easy,
> and I can’t figure it out.
> The basis behind what I’m doing is as follows: I am setting up a
> server to host several different things for me, each in it’s own domU,
> mailserver, webserver, etc. Only problem is that I only have 1 static
> IP from my ISP available, so I need to share them all behind a NAT. I
> plan on using my dom0 as a firewall/NAT for all my domU’s.
> I originally setup my domU’s under the bridged mode just to get them
> up and running and make sure everything works. It all worked well and
> I was able to access the internet perfectly. So then I changed it over
> to the nat scripts that come with Xen and now I can’t get anything
> working. I am using FC5 as my domU and my only domU right now is a FC4
> system. I have tried to use this link below even though it’s for
> debian, but I still can’t get it to work.
> http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_setup_xen3_debian_p6
> Obviously some of those paths (namely the ones for the network
> configuration files) are different between Debian and FC4, but those
> only come into play after the networking is actually working, when you
> want to setup the port forwarding. I’m not even able to ping out to
> anywhere, even to the dom0.
> On this system I installed Xen from the FC5 rpm’s (via yum).
> I don’t get any errors, on any of the configurations, I just can’t get
> the domU to be able to ping anything.
> Any help would be appreciated!
> Mito
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