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Re: [Xen-users] about migration betweendifferents architecture

> > > I always thought that on a x86-64-system only 64 bit-domU's will work
> > > and on i386 only 32 bit. Is this not true anymore?
> >
> > Right now it's still true.
> i think the mantra is something like "the memory model of a paravirtualized
> kernel must match that of the hypervisor"

Yes, for now.

There are plans to relax this a bit at some stage, but it'll require 
additional support in the system for translating between different memory 
layouts / hypercall tables.

> > So, folks, no migrating between 64 and 32 bit architectures.  It's
> > naughty,
> >
> > yall hear?  ;-)
> in this particular case, it might be a solution to just use the x86-64 in
> totally 32 bit mode, with 32bit xen hypervisor.  would that work?

It'll work if the processors are reasonably compatible...

E.g. between a 32-bit Athlon and an Opteron in 32-bit mode...

If one of the CPUs has instructions the other doesn't it'll be a problem.  
E.g. if 3dnow instructions are being used by the domain and you migrate it to 
an Intel system, you'll get breakages.


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