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[Xen-users] VT vmx-domain usb support and vnc connection through qemu-dm.

Hello, i have 2 problems with the virtualization of windows on a xen- domain.

The first one is the vnc connection. I've set everything up, but if i try to do a xm console XX, it says something about xenconsole tty file not found, and if i look up the qemu-dm-XXXX.log there is just one line that says : "/path/to/xen/bin/qemu-dm invalid option -- '- vncconnect' ". But vncconnect is installed, ive also installed all the dependencies.
I am running Xen 3.0 on a debian system.
I've just managed to run it by using SDL. But it seems to be a bit slow in transmitting the mouse movements. By earlier use of VNC, ive noticed its quite fast.

The next, and more important problem is the usb-support in windows while running it in a VMX-domain through an image-file. The installation succeeded problemfree. My question: Are USB-Devices fully supported on such a vmx-domain, even with windows? We'd like to run a Windows-program on a vmx-domain which needs a usb- dongle. We've already tried to connect a USB-stick, it isnt instantly recogniced by windows under xen 3.0. Is there any chance to get those devices to work? ... how?

Thanks for every coming help!


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