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Re: [Xen-users] [OT] Reply-to on this list

Hi David,

This has been discussed before on xen-devel.  There's always two camps here.

Some people really like Reply-To to be the sender. This means that you're forced to do a Reply All and the result is that for notes that you are part of the thread, they usually end up in your Inbox (instead of filed away in a mailing list folder).

If you get a whole lot of email or are on a whole lot of lists, this helps a lot in making sure you see threads that are important. For instance, I only read xen-users once a week or every other week.

Of course, the other side makes the argument you've made.

Suffice to say that there are enough developers who preferred the first option that that's what we have.


Anthony Liguori

David Goodlad wrote:
Hi all (esp list admins)

Recently I've seen a lot of people not realizing that they have to
reply to all in order to include this list in the recipients of
emails.  I'm curious why the reply-to field is not being set
explicitly to the list's address instead of the actual sender's?  Is
there some historical reason for this?

There have been a number of conversations recently where random bits
are being quoted that never made it to the list, because people reply
to the sender only, who then replies again but includes the list this
time...  It's rather annoying, actually :)  I'd think that most people
would expect the default behavior of 'reply' to be to send to the
whole list, and that if they only want to include the sender, they
could do this by hand...


Dave Goodlad
dgoodlad@xxxxxxxxx or dave@xxxxxxxxxx

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