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Re: [Xen-users] How to add additional drivers to xen-kernel ?

>After reading most of the mails that you've generated on this list,
>I'm still unclear exactly what you want to achieve.

ok let me tell you in detail....
I am basically doing testing of XEN and its various features. Our concern is
whether XEN would be a important feature in coming time or not. Well at the
moment VMWare has got a market, whereas if you ll compare it with XEN, i
guess xen is much better in respect cost, performance, security and so
But at the same time there are few limitations to it like having a specific
hartdware but i guess that add on to its performance and there are not much
people who would chose XEN because of few complexities.

So while testing with XEN, i have come across many issues..

1.) Firstly, I installed openWBEM in dom0 and my concern was to check
whether it gives virtual harware value or real value..
So after getting openWBEM working, i cant see many instances created(may be
thats novell created provider fault). I left with the only option of memory
to compare. And which makes it clear that dom0 gives virtual value...
reason :- It reduces the memory taken by virtual machine and shows the rest
amount. May be this is the way it works but what about disk space and things
like that. How does basically this works over XEN....? 
Yeah this confuses me, well the other thing that gets into my mind is that
virtual machine is taking memory from the dom0 and dom0 further takes memory
from hardware and reduces its current value and then show it as the rediced
value in openWBEM.

2.) Secondly, Drivers matter. 
For instance i have got a driver which retrieves info about fan speed, sys
temperature and all. So for this do i just have to incude the drivers to
linux and the things are done or do i have to include it to linux-xen
environment to get that to work....
Or is there any other concept to determine that yeh this driver has got this
functionality so we have to include it with xen or something similar.....
And i am not really sure about what patches are exactly, some one said
earlier that you write drivers for linux and then add xen patches to
it..what is this xen patch ? How can i achieve that ? is there any
documentation describing the same ?
And why would one include drivers to xen for getting information from
hardware. As its completely virtual and it should not make any sence to
include such drivers to xen environment...
So basically how does this work if you look into it in detail ? 
And one of the guy i know has got a source code for one of our company
drivers but i dont knw at the moment what exact info that gives but could be
a good option for testing purpose if you could let me know the steps now i
should perform.

3.) Thirdly, I have to proof that xen is better then various other
hypervisor like Altiris - LVMM (only 1 virtual machinhe is possible over it,
but they chalenge for security which i guess is not right.  The viertual
machine should be not dependent over host for its security whereas in LVMM
they have some concept like this), VMWare and so on....
As general what to do you all think about XEN future. and what about the big
companies think about it if you read it somewhere...

Things like this are coming up at the moment and there is no much support
for XEN but according to me XEN should get a lead but thats my assumption...

Any extra information or link that you would like to share with me which
gives more detail about xen in this matter then please do share.


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