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Re: [Xen-users] Running Redhat Advanced Server 2.1 on hvm

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Eric-Olivier Lamey wrote:
>   - running with hvm and the default RHEL2.1 kernel. This didn't work
> and gave a kernel panic upon boot (I tried with -52 and the latest -71
> release level from RH). I then took the vmlinuz and initrd files from
> the installation cd and used them. They are actually built from the same
> srpm and are found in the -BOOT package. I just had to tweak the initrd
> file so that it wouldn't launch the install after booting, but it worked.

This sounds suspiciously like the MXT problem we experienced with RH7.2.
 Did you see a bunch of "Ooops! Too many entries in the memory map!" and
"MXT page nr start=ffffffff len=ffffffff" errors before the kernel panic?

> I'm using the system with this setup. As soon as I'll have time, I'll
> diff the kernel config files to try and locate the option(s) that make
> the regular kernel crash.

I'd be interested in hearing about the results.  I don't know if RHEL2
has the MXT patches, but if it does, my money is that's where the
problem is.

- -Karl
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