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Re: [Xen-users] Running Redhat Advanced Server 2.1 on hvm

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Eric-Olivier Lamey wrote:
>   I did some further testing today and you might actually be right. There
>   are MXT related patches in the RHEL2.1 kernel that are enabled
>   to i686 and i686-smp configs. I'm trying to recompile the SRPM without
>   those patches to see if it works. I'll send my results to the list.

You might be able to just use the most-recent kernel update from Red
Hat, as it appears as though Red Hat dropped support for MXT later on
(at least for RH7.2 - I'd guess that RHEL2.1 would be the same.)  We
used the last vendor-supplied kernel for RH7.2, which fixed the problem.

>   Karl, thank you for the hint, diff'ing the -BOOT and regular kernel
>   configs would have taken a lot of time...

No problem. :)
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