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Re: [Xen-users] how to start X in the guest domain

> > This is all correct - But still the same. I will try again later, but
> > I think I run out of ideas what might be wrong...
> Hmm, only one thing that I might change:
> Mark, on which distribution did you test it for dom0 and domU?
> I have all major ones available here for testing, and might try the
> same combination as you did.

I used CentOS 4.4 in both, but I don't think it's probably worth you 
reinstalling just to get this working... there must be something going on in 
the config somewhere...

Any chance you could stick your kernel image on the web somewhere, then let me 
know privately where it is?  I'll try booting it on my system and see if the 
framebuffer works there - that should narrow things down somewhat!


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